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Privacy Statement of Easy exchange

1.    How and when do we collect your information.

When you give it to us or give us permission to obtain it.

  • When you sign up for or use our products, you voluntarily give us certain information. This can include your name, email address, profile photo or phone number you used to sign up and any other information you provide us. (See ‘what we collect, further below for more details). You can also choose to provide us with location data if we have made this option available. This also applies when using our Web app. If you choose to Transfer money through us you provide us with payment information, contact information (ex., address and phone number) in order for us to process your request. You will also provide us with information of where you are transferring money to.
  •  You also may give us permission to access your information in other services. For example, social services such as Linked in and Facebook. The information we get from those services often depends on your settings or their privacy policies, so be sure to check what those are.

We also get technical information when you use our systems.

  • It is common that whenever you use a website, mobile application, or other internet service, there’s certain information that almost always gets created and recorded automatically. The same is true when you use our Easy Exchange systems. Here are some of the types of information we collect:

·         Log data. When you use Easy Exchange, our servers automatically record information (“log data”), including information that your browser sends whenever you visit a website or our mobile /Web app sends when you’re using it. This log data may include your Internet Protocol address, the address of the web pages you visited that had Easy exchange features, browser type and settings, the date and time of your request, how you used Pinterest, and cookie data.

·         Cookie data. Depending on how you’re accessing our products, we may use “cookies” (small text files sent by your computer each time you visit our website, unique to your Easy exchange account or your browser) or similar technologies to record log data. When we use cookies, we may use “session” cookies (that last until you close your browser) or “persistent” cookies (that last until you or your browser delete them). For example, we may use cookies to store your language preferences so you do not have to set them up every time you visit Easy Exchange.. Some of the cookies we use are associated with your Easy exchange account (including personal information about you, such as the email address you gave us), and other cookies are not. For more detailed information about how we use cookies, please review our Cookies Policy.

·         Device information. In addition to log data, we may also collect information about the device you’re using Easy exchange on, including what type of device it is, what operating system you’re using, device settings, unique device identifiers, and crash data. Whether we collect some or all of this information often depends on what type of device you’re using and its settings. For example, different types of information are available depending on whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, or an iPhone or an Android phone. To learn more about what information your device makes available to us, please also check the policies of your device manufacturer or software provider.


2.    What do we collect

We collect the following personal information from you.

  • Contact information such as name, title, email address, mailing address, phone number
  • Evidence of your identity (for example passport information)
  • Information about your social media profiles made available to us from y interactions with us on social media.
  • Unique Identifiers such as user name, account number, password
  • Billing information such as a credit card number, bank account numbers and billing address
  • Date of birth
  • Demographic information such as age, education, gender, interests and zip code

3.    How we use the information

How we use the information we collect.

·         We use the information we collect to provide our products to you and make them better, develop new products, and protect our Easy Exchange users. For example, we may log how often people use two different styles of our product, Web app versus Desktop version which can help us understand which version is better.

·         Send you updates. You can decide to stop getting these updates by opting out. 

·         Help you build groups with other people you know making international payments. For example, if you sign up using a Facebook account, we may help you invite Facebook friends find your Easy Exchange group.

  • Register you with an account
  • Provide the Services as described in our terms and conditions
  • Send you a confirmation
  • Send you requested service information
  • Comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. For example, help us identify you as a customer using your address details to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

·         Respond to your questions or comments.


4.    Security

All ‘profile’ information passed over the Easy exchange site is encrypted using SSL and stored on SQL server within a secure server environment. We may use the information for internal reviews and analysis and may also use it to produce certain consolidated statistics about sales and use of the website, however, we will not disclose your individual information to any retailers and will not sell, trade or rent that information for marketing purposes.

5.    Data Protection

In the United Kingdom we are registered with the Data Protection Commission and we endeavour to adhere strictly to the data protection principles, as well as to our own security policy, to ensure your personal details are kept safe.Easy Exchange Limited: Data protection ICO number Z5219626.

6.     Subject access request Policy (SAR)


·         Easy Exchange Limited: Data protection ICO number Z5219626

·         If you are an Easy Exchange client you may want to see a copy of the information we hold about you. This is an entitlement under section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).   Upon receiving a ‘Subject access request we adopt the approach outlined for us by the ICO. 

·         We will receive and respond via email however other means of communication can be considered

·         We will carry out the following within 40 days of receiving the request:

1.     Tell you the requester whether any personal data is being processed; 

2.     give a description of the personal data, the reasons it is being processed, and whether it will be given to any other organisations or people;

3.     give a copy of the personal data; and given details of the source of the data (where this is available).

4.     give information about the reasoning behind any automated decisions taken about him or her, such as a Risk based generated decision to grant or deny access to Easy Exchange systems to conduct a money transfer. 

·          (Please be aware that subject access provides a right for the requester to see their own personal data, rather than a right to see your original documents).

·          Instances where Easy Exchange will not grant access are because we are wary of the effects of its disclosure is likely to have. For example where disclosing information in response to a SAR would involve disclosing information about another individual.

·          Easy Exchange policy is to charge a fee of  up to £50 for dealing with each seperate SAR. We will only commence with an SAR after we have  received the chosen level of  Fee.



·          By giving your personal information at any other time, you are consenting to our use of this information in accordance with the principles outlined in this privacy policy. If at any time we change the privacy policy we will post those changes on the website so that you are kept fully informed.



·          "Cookies" are small files that are stored on your computer's hard drive by your browser. Each time you log into Easy exchange we may use a cookie to hold a unique reference number giving you access to the members-only areas of the Easy exchange website. This cookie will never contain any of your personal information. Please see our Cookies policy.

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